If there was a city on planet Earth that was free from all concepts of sins, crimes, and other similar thoughts, it was Lebanon’s Beirut. Back in the 1970s, people from across the globe used to travel here. Free flow of liquor, high intensity of open flirt, and diversity at its peak could easily be witnessed in this city. But not anymore. The civil war of the mid-1970s snatched that status from Beirut particularly, and Lebanon generally. Fifteen exhaustive years of the war crippled the economy of the very state. Then in the 1990s, Lebanon’s business tycoon Rafic Hariri introduced a revive program to uplift the economy. Since the eruption and then the end of the civil war, Lebanon never witnessed that happy diversity and prosper economy again. The humanitarian crisis in the state, involvement of the foreign actors in Lebanese affairs, the pandemic, and then a big blow in August 2020, displacing over 300,000 citizens in one day. To cut the story short, this article attempts to evaluate, what’s going on in this Middle Eastern state. And what are the possible options that can convert this hell on earth to heaven on earth.

Courtesy: Middle East Monitor

Foreign Involvement in Lebanon

As per Britannica, Hezbollah is a political party and militant group that first emerged during Lebanon’s civil war as a militia after Israel’s invasion of that country in 1982.But this is only a short and one of the most possible concise definitions of this group. Whereas arguing on its backers and haters inside and out are much attention needed topics. In short, it is a Shia majority political party and military group. You are guessing right, if it was a Sunni military group then the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would have definitely supported this group. But as far as it is a Shia majority group, it is an ideological and political obligation for the Islamic Republic of Iran to back it. And as far as Iran is involved in a state, how can that state escape KSA’s or Israel’s attention? Therefore, Israel and KSA both are interested and somehow involved to a great account in the state to counter their rivals. Who is paying the price? You know it well.

Courtesy: Penn Today

Middle East Writer

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