Why recognizing Israel matter and what is making the Arab mighty tower, Saudi Arabia influence her allies to recognize Israel?

A loud sound in the crowd is that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Muhammad bin Salman and the Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu in the presence of a few other high officials have met in Saudi Arabia recently. This call has strengthened the chances of Saudi Arabia’s normalizing ties with the only Jewish state in the region and the world. Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan and few other high officials have also denied the chances of recognizing Israel, but who does not know that Pakistan is under the thick influence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to unlimited showering blessings of the latter. KSA has already influenced Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan to pave diplomatic relations with the only Jewish land. Pakistan is no exception but only with the edge of the nuclear weapon and comparatively a mightier army than the already influenced nations. The ex-president of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf (1999–2008) had also signaled that the enmity with Israel was not natural but recognition of Tel Aviv could cost the dictator his power. India, arch-rival of Pakistan, recognized Tel Aviv after decades of its formation as a huge number of Muslims living in India could create tension in the state as Israel is known as oppressors and occupiers of the Palestinians lives and lands.

This article is about why recognizing Israel matters and what is making the Arab mighty tower, Saudi Arabia influence its allies to recognize Israel.

On 15th October 1937, in the course of his presidential address to the All-India Muslim League Session at Lucknow, Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:

“May I now turn and refer to the question of Palestine? It has moved the Mussalmans all over India most deeply. The whole policy of the British Government has been a betrayal of the Arabs, from its very inception. The fullest advantage has been taken of their trusting nature. Great Britain has dishonored her proclamation to the Arabs, which had guaranteed them complete independence for the Arab homelands and the formation of an Arab Confederation under the stress of the Great War. After having utilized them, by giving them false promises, they installed themselves as the Mandatory Power with that infamous Balfour Declaration, which was obviously irreconcilable and incapable of simultaneous execution. Then, having pursued the policy to find a national home for the Jews, Great Britain now proposes to partition Palestine, and the Royal Commission’s recommendation completes the tragedy. If given effect to, it must necessarily lead to the complete ruination and destruction of every legitimate aspiration of the Arabs in their homeland — and now we are asked to look at the realities! But who created this situation? It has been the handiwork of and brought about sedulously by the British statesmen … I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world; and all sections of thinking and fair-minded people will agree, when I say that Great Britain will be digging its grave if she fails to honor her original proclamation, promises and intentions — pre-war and even post-war — which were so unequivocally expressed to the Arabs and the world at large. I find that a very tense feeling of excitement has been created and the British Government, out of sheer desperation, are resorting to repressive measures, and ruthlessly dealing with the public opinion of the Arabs in Palestine. The Muslims of India will stand solid and will help the Arabs in every way they can in the brave and just struggle that they are carrying on against all odds.”

Another founding leader of Pakistan, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal said something similar claiming that the British veins are in the fist of the Zionists.

To the Palestinian Arab

The flame that may enkindle a world conflagration, is yet alive in your soul.

I know

Seek not to redress from London or Geneva.

The jugular veins of the Frank are in the grip of the Jew I hear — A people’s chains snap when its

The ego grows and exults in proper self-expression.

Now the point is that what has dragged me to recall the famous statements and lines of the founders of Pakistan regarding Israel?

The answer to this question is straightforward and it is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s influence on countries like UAE, Sudan, and Bahrain paved American and Israeli ways of normalizing ties with the Israeli nation. Pakistan is no exception in this regard as she is also highly influenced by KSA. Secondly, Pakistan enjoys a great strategic and geopolitical edge over the mentioned states influenced by KSA. She has Iran in her neighborhood, which is an arch-rival state of Israel and the US both. Plus, Pakistan shares over 1,600 miles border with Afghanistan, and surprisingly Israel is making every effort to isolate its one neighbor as Iran and Washington desperately want to get rid of the Afghan war. Thirdly, Pakistan is the only Islamic state with nuclear capability and this factor has managed to fetch some self-determination for the nation. Despite all these edges over weak Muslim states, there were noises in the high offices of Islamabad that Pakistan might recognize Israel, as few columnists of Pakistan have also shown green signals in doing so as the rivalry between Israel and Pakistan is not natural.

Then what could have possibly made Pakistan remain firm to not normalize ties with the Jewish state?

The major factor might be the recent death of a Barelvi cleric Khadim Hussein Rizvi. As his funeral was attended by hundreds of thousands of people in Lahore. Giving a clear indication to the elite politicians that the common people of the state are extremely religious and they won’t tolerate the recognition of the only Jewish state who has occupied their sacred land and is continuously oppressing their Muslim brothers. Khadim Hussein Rizvi was head of the Tehreek I Labaik Pakistan that has already given a tough time to the government regarding showing any flexibility toward the self-claimed Ahmedi community.

What awaits for the Far Middle East in terms of recognizing Israel?

This question might not have one single answer, but few major facts are pretty much visible to even fresh analysts like me. Israel has lost its best friend in the White House and I have already discussed in my last article (Biden’s Middle East Plan) that Biden is more pro-normalcy than aggression against Iran. Even his past statements on Khashoggi’s murder are also a huge signal for MBS and Netanyahu both that Iran might take a better seat in the Middle East as Biden is more like Obama than Trump. Therefore, Tel Aviv and Riyadh both have one common option to design a New Middle East pressing Tehran as much as possible. Saudi-Israeli patch up is a good idea to achieve this purpose as Biden or any other American president will never lose two mighty friends like KSA and Israel for Iran alone. Secondly, Saudi Arabia is making efforts to win hearts in Doha again to never lose its grip in the region and make no option left for Biden between KSA and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To conclude, the New Middle East formation is at its greatest pace ever.

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