US allies with COVID-19 against Tehran

Iran is likely to become a mega victim of global politics.


The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani vowed a crushing response against the United States if she continues making efforts to prolong the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) arms embargo against Iran, which is to extend in October this year. According to this embargo, Iran is not allowed to buy or sell conventional weapons. US President Donald Trump has already withdrawn America from P5+1 deal with Iran in 2018, calling it a bad deal done by his predecessor Barrack Obama. In contrast, Rouhani termed it a stupid mistake’. Trump also re-imposed tough sanctions, crippling Iran’s economy.

What is the P5+1 Deal?

The Iran nuclear deal framework was a preliminary framework agreement reached in 2015 between Iran and a group of world powers: P5 denoting UNSC permanent members, namely US, UK, China, Russia, and France, and +1 denoting Germany. European Union was also part of the deal.

On the 29th of the last month, April, Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State said that he is hopeful that UNSC would prolong the restrictions before those get expired. Whereas China, Russia, France, Germany, and Britain are still part of the 2015 (P5+1) deal and it is highly likely that they will oppose US in UN Security Council, specifically Russia and China, who see Iran as a powerful revisionist state and a common interest ally for them. It’s going to be messy from a Security Council standpoint because, regardless of what Britain, Germany, and France think, Russia and China are not going to sign up to that legal interpretation,a European official told Reuters.

Washington stresses that Iran is secretly working on its nuclear program and moving it to military capabilities, whereas Tehran claims that it is for civilian purposes only.

We will work with the UN Security Council to extend that prohibition on those arms sales and then in the event, we can’t get anyone else to act, the United States is evaluating every possibility about how we might do that.Mike Pompeo

This UNSC embargo is already in question as Iran sells arms to her allies and proxies, and China and Russia also sell their arms to Iran. The removal of the arms embargo is one of the few remaining benefits of the JCPOA (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action {P5+1}) for Iran. Depriving Tehran of having access to the arms market will compel Iran to double down on its support for proxies and its ballistic missiles program,is how Ali Vaez, the Iran Project Director at the International Crisis Group, told RFE/RL.

It can also not be neglected that Iran is one of the hardest-hit states due to the Novel Coronavirus and the US sanctions on petrochemicals in such pandemic in the country has already caused her a lot of difficulty in fighting against the virus. According to the recorded and registered figures, as per the time of writing, Iran has lost 7,677 lives due to the deadly contagion so far and the number of infected people is 174,020. Now prolonging the sanctions under discussion will cause more damage to the state of Iran and it seems like US has her alliance with the COVID-19 against Tehran, whereas Washington itself is also massively hit by the epidemic. The secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres also stresses on collective response against this pandemic as it is a global issue. For instance, he stated a few days back, I am deeply convinced that there is no other way to deal with the global challenges, than with global responses.He stated that on the issues related to the environment and the pandemic that the world faces today. But it seems like his words are falling on deaf ears as the major powers like US and China do not seem willing to cooperate and opt for a collective initiative. In the case of Washington particularly, she is pushing Tehran to come down on knees as according to the Western scholars, politics has no ethics or it has its own ethics, and it seems like Trump follows and supports that idea.

Furthermore, it is highly likely that Iran will answer America on proxy states like Syria and Iraq, where Tehran is in a stronger position than Washington and Tel Aviv. There are also possible chances that Iran will further resist Saudi interests in Sana’a, making it difficult for the American child to keep her presence in Yemen for strategic interests particularly, Hamas and Hezbollah are also valuable assets of Tehran in the region, who heavily rely on the Iranian support. In short, the region of the Middle East will suffer more than Tehran and Washington if US accomplishes her mission of prolonging the arms embargo against Iran.

Apart from these sanctions, US and the Islamic Republic always find a reason to compete in Middle East since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran. Though Iran seems on the winning end in the region but that never means that America has given up and she will not make efforts to contain Iran on the soil of the Middle East. Israel, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are the strategic assets of the superpower and she continuously makes efforts to promote her cause in the region by providing necessary arms and intelligence to them. On the other side, other Arab states like Egypt and many are also not glad to see Iran’s presence in the region. Iran also has a great influence in Iraq as Iraq has a majority Shia population, who cooperate with Iran and love her presence in their country. Even the death of Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Al-Quds Force of Iran, was also mourned by more than half the population of Iraq alike Iran. Whereas there are also people in the country of Iraq who hate Tehran as it influences Baghdad’s politics and they praised the American killing of the Soleimani.

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To conclude, Middle East is a victim of the trio-enmity among Tehran, Washington, and Tel Aviv today. The entire region is badly sandwiched among them and no state is one hundred percent excepted from the proxy wars between Iran and US in the region. Almost every state in the Middle East suffers from this enmity in one way or the other. Therefore, the harsh attitude of Donald J. Trump and Pompeo’s America may escalate more fury and fire in the region, as Tehran and Washington both have a high presence in the region.

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