Yemen starves and continues suffering.


Around 10 million Yemenis are one step away from famine, is how United Nations Food Relief Agency stated last year about the ongoing food scarcity in Yemen. The region of the Middle East suffers most than the rest of the globe and undoubtedly, the darkest nights of the time are faced by the people of Yemen. Number one, they do not have peace, second, they cannot earn in such an atmosphere of arms, and third, empty pockets with empty stomachs are costing more insult to human lives there. In a nutshell, it is not wrong to argue that Yemenis are one of the most ignored creatures on earth, victims of men, not nature.

With the sunrise of 2020, Yemen has entered into the sixth year of conflict. Yemenis are sandwiched between the pro-government forces and the Houthi rebels. The fuel in the fire is that the Saudi-Iranian rivalry also jumped in, to settle the scores while cutting others’ throats as usual.

Today twenty million Yemenis — some 70 percent of the population — are food insecure, marking a 13 percent increase from last year.World Food Program (WFP)

UN agencies including WFP cannot access many starving areas due to the intense breach of peace in the country. For instance, the key supply routes from Hudaydah to Sana’a are also under intense clashes between the rebels and the pro-government forces. Several other such routes are prone to arm clashes, disturbing the humanitarian support to the people of Yemen, already witnessing hell.

In terms of displacements, it is noteworthy to know that around 11,000 families have been displaced in the Hajjah governorate alone, in just one month last year. Hajjah like many other governorates of Yemen faces catastrophic levels of starvation, as the forces off and on advance in and around this governorate since 2015, breaking the chains of humanitarian support. Moreover, WFP also stated last year that in the last six months, the number of people displaced by violence has increased sharply from 203,000 to around 420,000 (around Yemen). Furthermore, UN agencies cannot access the districts of Harad, Mustaba, Midi, and Hayran where an estimated 50,000 people teeter on the brink of starvation”, is how WFP puts it. There are around 12 million people who depend on monthly aids provided by WFP and their lives are on the brink of starvation.

Almost every Yemeni is a victim of the ongoing conflict in the country. The civilian life seems to be absent from the country as the people in Yemen are living a life under airstrikes, mortar bombardments, and continuous panic. They also face infectious diseases, like the Cholera outbreak has become the worst in history in Yemen. Moreover, more than 10,000 people have been killed and millions are displaced since the eruption of the war.

It is also estimated by the analysts that Yemen is facing the world’s worst famine in 100 years. It is a country that is very hard to reach for the journalists too, and this is a big reason that Yemen is often not found on headlines. Journalists make one of the hardest journeys to reach the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, whereas reaching other zones is near to impossible. Because the Saudi led coalition has stopped the civilian flights in many parts of the country and the journey by road is risky indeed.

Several mothers are always afraid of losing their children due to the ongoing famine. Almost every child in Yemen is a victim of the conflict they never started. The pictures coming from Yemen are hard to look as it is rare to find someone in his/her best shape. Most of the population is skin and bone. The conditions are unbearable. Salt in the injury is that the food prices have also gone double due to multiple reasons, making death and life alike. Several children die every day in many hospitals in Yemen due to malnutrition and other preventable diseases, and their parents have no idea how long it will take the peace to reach their soil. As it is understood that without peace in the country, the famine is never going to get ended. Things are getting worse with every new day and the rays of hope are no way near to be seen, which is unfortunate for the country and its people.

In August 2018, a missile hit a school bus killing 40 children and injured 57 more. Who are they? They are innocent children who are born in a failed state and are already starving. This attack is only an episode as this war has already witnessed many such inhumane activities since the eruption of civil war in the country and then the capturing of Sana’a, the capital. Since then a Saudi led coalition supported by the United Arab Emirates and the United States on its back has been fighting Shia Houthi rebels, backed by Iran. Houthis dominate the country, capturing several areas.

Furthermore, the hospitals also lack the basic facilities, even several hospitals in the capital city of Sana’a lack surgeons, where the hospitals often need to do surgeries as people bring rocket-hit and missile hit patients there with a rare ray of hope.

First we saw the fighter jets approaching us, then again when they bombed us. Then I can’t recall exactly what happened, I was terrified,a Yemeni girl told a Vice News reporter, {I lost} my father, my mother, my three brothers, and my niece, all of them died. Only I and my brother survived”, she added and moved to tears. One can find a number of such eyewitnesses of witnessing the deaths of their loved ones and being divided into pieces in front of them.

To conclude, Yemen suffers and continues suffering. Yemenis are dying every day. The forces on both sides are harming most civilians. Those, who are surviving after these deadly attacks, are becoming victims of the infectious diseases, and those who still survive, wait to die due to hunger, as the war has its own rule, that it does not have any rule.

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